Why There Will Be No SHTF Event

By now, most people have heard of the 'frog metaphor', but to be sure, I'll tell it briefly. If you put a frog in a pot of hot water, it will immediately jump out, but if you put it in room-temperature water and gradually increase the heat, the frog won't notice and will eventually boil to death. This metaphor is so much like our society that I'm going to use it to describe what I believe is happening and has been happening for decades.

Let's say that our goal is actually to boil the frog. Why? Because let's say we want boiled frog, simple. So if the frog is alive and in our pot and we want it to stay in the pot until we can boil it, what are we going to do? Turn up the heat so fast that the frog jumps out and escapes? Of course not. We're going to watch that frog very closely, monitor its every move, every phone call and email, to make sure it's not alarmed by the increase in temperature, the FEMA camps, the buildup of military hardware across the country. We're going to make sure the frog stays in the pot.

Why is this such a good metaphor? Because we are the frogs, simple. Our every move is monitored, every call and email recorded and searched for clues. They, the ones turning up the heat, have to make sure we don't become so alarmed that we jump out of the pot, or revolt. They are ever watchful of any hint of reaction, ready to dump in some cold water to calm things down. But the water IS getting hotter - that's the plan.

So why will there be no SHTF event? Well, what would that look like? They know that there are many, many of us frogs who are just waiting for that sign that things are finally going to shit, and then JUMP - we're out of their pot and much harder to control. We'll be bugged out and hard to trace. No, no, no, that won't do at all. So they are extremely careful not to alarm us too much. They know we're alarmed, they listen to our phone calls and read our emails, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, so they know we're anxious and watchful of them. So what would it look like, an event that pushes us out of our 'comfort zone'? Collapse of the dollar? Economic collapse? EMP or terrorist attack or virus? Food shortage?

Unlikely, at least for now. Why? Any of those 'events' would be perceived by us as a rapid increase in water temperature. It's far more effective to weaken the frogs gradually until they can't jump out. Make them dependent. Dependent on the enemy? Who's going to become dependent on them? Sadly, many of the frogs recieve a check or food stamps or other kind of assistance from the gov every month. Do you really think that these people are going to do something that would stop that handout? Think about it. It's a type of slavery, to make us dependent on the gov for survival. But that's the sad reality for many of us. A few will break loose anyway, because they won't be slaves, but the rest? What can they do?

The real question for the frogs is: When is the water too hot? And that's the real weakness of frogs: They don't notice temperature, only the change in temperature. If that change comes slowly, they don't notice and they boil. And just like frogs, many of us are not aware of the changes happeing all around us, or we see them and are not alarmed enough to jump. Why? Because we are being monitored closely, to see if we are alarmed. So they will not do anything major to alarm us. It's called incremental takeover.

Then how are we supposed to know when to act? When do we bug out, head for the hills, get out of Dodge (GOOD)? When do we revolt? If there won't be any SHTF event, but instead, just more heating of our water, how will we know when it's time to jump? First the bad news: We probably won't get any sign until it's too late. They are going to do what they do best - monitor us, spy on us, weaken us - until they have us right where they want us: dependent and helpless. In that state, some, even many will look at FEMA camps as safe harbors in a storm, places of refuge. They will ask to be allowed entry, and they will become complete slaves. How is that possible? Who would want to live in a concentration camp? Why would anyone want to be enslaved? The answer lies in the nearly-perfected MO (modus operandi) of the enslavers. Put yourself in their place. How could you take control of a country without even using the military?

How to Enslave a Nation

You first get the population divided into races, religions, genders, classes - get them to hate each other, make them competitive. You don't want alliances or any forms of unity - that will strengthen them. Weaken them first by dividing them. If possible, get them to fight each other, then you don't have to fight them. Get control over their news, feed them lies. Get control over their food and water - poison them slowly, make them weak and sick, give them diseases and force them to go to doctors who push poisons as medicines. Spray poisons in the air so they are forced to breathe them. Weaken their money so it buys less and less; tax them for everything, prevent them from advancing financially, keep them working for low wages so they have no time or resources to revolt. Offer them leaders who promise solutions but lie and actually work for you to enslave them more. Undermine their constitution; instill fear in them, make them obedient out of fear of you. Let them know you are watching their every move; punish severely those who challenge you or your 'right' to harass them. Make them dependent on your handouts, so they won't even consider revolt; use Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps and other programs to make them slaves. Strengthen the corporations that exploit the people, subsidize them, award them for weakening the people. Use all of these methods and more and never let up. People are tough and resourceful. Lose your grip on them for an instant, and they will be empowered to throw off their chains, and then it will be very difficult to take control again. Once freed from your tyrannical grip, they will thrash you!

Okay, no real suprises there, right? We all know what's happening. So what should we do? Roll over and die? Surrender to evil? My view is that our quality of life will continue to erode, through more executive orders, more surveillance, more harassment, weakening dollar, food shortages, until we are so weak that a FEMA camp might look inviting to some. By that time, there may be more social conflicts, looting, roving gangs, false flag terrorist attacks, economic weakening, and so on.

I don't think it's wise to wait for that to happen. I also don't think storing enough food and water for three months is a solution, especially if you live in a city. My opinion - and the opinion of other survival guides - is that cities will probably become war zones, ravaged by gangs of thugs and looters who won't hesitate to kill for food and whatever else they need. I've already covered this in other places on this web site, so if you intend to prepare for total chaos, see those sections.

You will probably need a place of relative safety in a remote part of the country, far from cities and from the flow of refugees escaping them. If you live in a city or large town, I suggest that you start asap to make preparations for your survival in another location. Details are plentiful on this web site.

So, if you've been waiting for a SHTF event, don't wait, act now to prepare yourself, not for some big event, but for the continued degeneration of life as we know it. Remember, we are hundreds of millions, and they are a handful of sociopaths with immense power (money). Who wins this test of determination depends on our will to be free. History bears testimony that tyants are eventually thrashed by the people they once ruled.


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