What Do I Need?

You Need Four Things:

1. The Right Attitude
2. A Plan
3. Survival Skills
4. A BOB full of survival gear

Your Attitude will determine your reponse to a crisis: organized or chaotic. Your Plan will help you prioritize your actions. Survival Skills will allow you to evaluate your situation based on experience and to make rational decisions and improvise from available resources. Your BOB will make all of this easier, because you won't have to improvise if you have resources with you.

If all you have are the clothes you are wearing, imagine the temptation to take what you need from others. In that case, you immediately become part of the problem. Since I assume you prefer to be part of the solution, think and plan carefully so you can be.

A motor home full of food and gear won't save you, if you don't plan well or can't think clearly. There are simply too many people who believe that the only preparations they have to make are to stock up on weapons and ammunition and to know how to use them to take what they want. Like your motor home full of goodies.

If you are still alive after that first 'unofficial' roadblock, you've got nothing but yourself and the clothes you wear, since you generously 'donated' your RV and gear to those thugs with guns. You're lucky to be alive, but now you're walking... where to? I hear Yosemite is nice this time of year. Or Lake Tahoe, surely Tahoe will be perfect. Nobody would think to go there. Except a few million Californians who are already there. Don't expect a welcoming committee.

I met a man who walked across the United States; he wore out over 50 pairs of shoes. He's sort of famous. You probably won't be, even if you're shoes are phenomenal. Where am I going with this? Well, now you're walking. Plan A has failed. Remember the tire ad with a guy walking away from his car with a flat tire. It said something like, "If you buy cheap tires, you'd better buy good shoes." Exactly. You left town too late in your RV, it's stolen, and you're walking. Hope you're wearing good shoes. Don't leave town wearing flip-flops.

So, okay, you lost your RV and your gear, and you're walking. Got a Plan B? No? Oops, not good planning! You're hungry and thirsty and alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing, watching your RV (adios Plan A) disappear over the horizon. Now is not the time to make a plan B, it's time to manifest it, as in put it into action. The point here is to have a practical Plan A and prepare for it, then create Plan B, in case Plan A fails or cannot be used. A Plan C and Plan D would also be wise.

This web site cannot make plans for you. You have to do some study and research and make your plans. Study this web site - there is a lot of information here, and guidance. See my other web site about making a Survival Retreat (SurvivalRetreatPlans.com). Use the books mentioned in each section and those listed under Resources. The RV full of stuff may actually be part of a usable plan, if carried out early, not when there are already roadblocks, gangs of looters and carjackings. That's not the time to be driving around in a box full of goodies, or driving at all. Might as well just paint a big sign on the side: LOOT ME. See the page on burrying extra gear for ideas for your plans. More on making a Plan B here.

My personal preference is to prepare a survival retreat, a place I'd build and stock for the purpose of bugging out (and even year-round living), also referred to as 'strategic relocation'. More details under Survival Retreat and at my other web site www.SurvivalRetreatPlans.com.

The thinking behind a survival retreat goes like this...

Manufacturing a disaster. It is looking more and more likely that an 'event' is coming: planned economic collapse, manufactured depression, viral outbreak, takeover, etc., where the filthy rich (the corporate-government cronies) grab as many resources as they can so they still have power later, and the rest of us become refugees and/or slaves. In other words, history repeating itself and a snapshot of what's been going on since this country was founded and long before that.

In this kind of planned disaster, it takes time for the perpetrators to get everything ready, pass laws that cripple anyone who opposes them (Patriot Act, NDAA, Executive Orders) and generally make their job (of accumulation for them and mass suffering for us) easier for them to pull off. Prepare now while you can. In this lead time, food and gear, guns and ammunition can be bought at reasonable prices, and a place can be made ready where it will probably be safer to survive the coming hard times. The idea here is that cities may not be safe, nor may basic necessities or services be available, especially if the crisis is serious and relief is delayed. That leads to panic and desperation, looting and worse.

Some people believe that only in cities will such things be available, like law (martial law?) and order ("You, come here!"), food, medical services, etc. Update: As a result of the school shootings and the gun-grabbing bullshit that was planned to follow it, we now have greater difficulty obtaining necessary arms and ammunition. What is available has increased in price. Also, the 'crisis' we may face could very well be perpetrated by our own government/corporations. Cities may not be the best place to live. Would you accept their vaccine? Their food? 'Gifts' or 'relief' will have strings attached, like "Stay in this FEMA camp, where we'll keep you safe." "We're here to help."

Politicians will save us? Since past and current political representatives have eroded my/our belief that they care about us, I'm preparing to manage without their 'help'. I think they have frustrated so many once-loyal citizens that it is hard to predict whether they will be able to contain the anger of the masses. I mean, look at just a few of the recent atrocities:

G. W. Bush steals the presidency - well-documented

Powers inside the US carry out and/or are complicit in the airline crashes on the World Trade Towers and the [faked crash/missle strike on the] Pentagon, blaming terrorists. In other words, our fedgov IS the terrorist we've been warned about.

Bush, Chaney & Co. fabricate reasons to invade Iraq where thousands die so the major US financial interests can get richer, and to protect the value of the dollar. Does anybody still seriously believe the US invaded Iraq to help the Iraquis? Or to find terrorists behind 9-11? Nope, it was all busine$$ and power grabbing.

Patriot Act which trashes many of our civil liberties. Congress jerks didn't even read the damned thing, just signed it. Kiss our Constitution good-bye. Think you still have freedom of speech, press, assembly? Gone! The Pres can have you killed by a drone any time he wants.

$700 billion bail-out (theft) of US money to big corrupt companies which then gave millions in bonuses to their CEOs and bought corporate jets. That's only a fraction of the money - it's worse than most people can comprehend.

NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act - Still thought we had a Constitution and Bill of Rights? Not any more. Martial law is already in place, they just haven't enforced it yet. But they will, and they are gradually. They don't make laws and then not use them. It's coming.

Fast and Furious - Our government supplies hundreds or thousands of military-grade rifles to Mexican drug cartels, and gets caught - oops. Lots of people are murdered in Mexico and at least one border guard in the US, but Eric Holder (AG) still has his job. Update: He's moved out of his job and will have a seat in Goldman Sacks-of-shit. I predicted that months ago.

We are supposed to believe that Iran (or maybe Syria?) is our enemy so the US can invade, bomb the shit out of them and steal their oil (like Iraq). No, the feds want to eliminate any country that threatens the value of the dollar, which is what Russia and China are doing.

In the US, politicians and corporations (who swap jobs at will) have found ways to make corruption legal. Heard of the revolving door between the fedgov and corporations? "Look, I'm a Senator, oh now I'm CEO of Screw-the-People Corporation, think I'll run for Pres." When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson

Some of us still believe that. Unfortunately, so many millions are incapacitated by the ever-increasing number and quantity of synthetic chemicals that are being stuffed into them daily: flouridated water (Are you stupid enough yet? Here, drink some more water.), preservatives, saccarine, food coloring, flavoring, conditioners, etc., chemicals in building materials, like formaldehyde, in just about every new house for the last few decades, toxic carpeting, paints, rubber, plastic, chem trails and the list goes on and on. So many are on prescription drugs for anything and everything. Chem-trails...

Still have a few brain cells? Not for long. Here, have some TV, so you know what to think. Is a 'Jefferson' rebellion even possible now, with so many people unable to think clearly? So the logic behind preparing a survival retreat is now clear. We're heading into a manufactured disaster, created so that the rich can consolidate their wealth and power (as usual) and to keep the rest of us subservient (slaves). In other words, life as usual. The UN is pushing for global control, and they are using the environment as their platform to tax and legislate us out of control of our own country. See Who is the Enemy See also End of America in Video of the Week.

You can still buy and stock up on food and other gear while prices remain relatively low. Food prices are going up and will probably climb higher, as a growing world population competes for a food supply that isn't growing as fast and climate changes reduce agricultural yields. Gas prices are going up again, and may not go down. Have a plan for when gas is $10 a gallon or more or not available at all. See InstantOrganicFarm.com for info on how to grow food on poor soil.

Update: The people of the US cannot be controlled so long as they own firearms, so there will be more efforts made to take them away. Innocent people, probably children, will be murdered and the crime blamed on terrorists or gun nuts, then the media will beat the ban-guns drums until some degree of fear is created. Laws will be proposed to ban 'assault rifles', magazines larger than 10 rounds and on and on. If that fails, more innocent people must die, because the greedy bastards who run the government and the huge and corrupt corporations will not rest until we are disarmed. Only then can they manifest their really ugly plans of total control. (See UN Agenda 21 in Video of the Week) They can't help it, they are mentally defective sociopaths and heartless and driven by insatiable greed. They are also doomed to fail, but they can't see it, because they are spiritually bankrupt and simply following their animal nature.

Update again: As expected, children were butchered and the gun-grabbers are beating their drums, trying to disarm us. It's not working, so they will have to kill more kids, and more, and more, until people cave in to tyranny. They won't give up, but they surely must know that we won't either. There are too many historic examples of tyrants disarming their populations, and then murdering them by the millions, to list them all here. That's the real reason behind gun control, to make us easy to manage, like livestock.

The only way they will be able to take away our guns is pass laws - that makes it legal for them to do whatever the law says. So, they first have to create a situation where the public is outraged by gun violence. Since there isn't really enough serious gun violence going on to warrant the law, they have to create the violence - shoot a bunch of kids and make it look like some 'lone gunman' who is unstable and has a chip on his shoulder about kids mows a bunch of them down. The real murderers are allowed to escape, and they stick the blame on some other guy who conveniently kills himself so he can't be questioned. Nobody can examine the crime scene, so there will only be one story of what happened. Survellance videos, if any, will be seized and not shown to us, because they would reveal the truth, like the Oklahoma city bombing and the Trade Towers, the Pentagon and so on - no footage released, because it would show their own guys doing it.

The other way to get our guns is to declare martial law, because under martial law they don't need any other law to take our guns.

Since they control the police and the media and everyone involved, they manipulate the facts and make us think that there must be more gun regulation, to stop this kind of thing from happening again. If we drag our feet and don't 'cooperate', they kill some more kids, and more, until we cave in and let them have their law passed. Or, they threaten Congress, like before the bailout, with dire consequences if they don't pass the bill or whatever. And since most of them are wimps under corporate control or are being blackmailed, they obey and we suffer.

People who can plan and execute (literally) the 9-11 murders, the war in Iraq where thousands have been killed, and so many other manufactured 'disasters' are so twisted and heartless, killing kids is just part of the job of accumulating more control and wealth. As many more kids as it takes to get what they want, that's how many will die. Sociopaths control our government and most major corporations. Don't think so? Do your research and be ready to learn things that will horrify and depress you. And then, when yo recover, take action. Don't be a pawn and a puppet. For starters, sell or give away your TV, especially if you think Fox and MSNBC are news channels. TV programming is for sheep and cattle. Conclusions:

What we all need to do is to prepare for an even larger dose of bullshit from those who are expert at creating and spreading it - politicians and corporations (now merged into one) - and to have a workable plan of escape (Bug Out), in case the situation they create becomes unsafe. If you decide to Bug In instead (hunker down and ride out the storm), see the Resources page for books that deal with that. The book by Rawles is good: How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It.

What could happen is that there will be no warning, no sign that it's time to bug out. Road blocks will be set up quickly at night to encircle all cities and towns, trapping everyone inside. There may be no opportunity to bug out to your survival retreat. Sooo... plan your retreat to become your new home and make preparations to live there year-round. I know, you have a job or other things that keep you bound to your urban or suburban life. I suggest that you consider adopting another lifestyle - bugged out - as your new life. It can be done.

Firearms may be confiscated, houses searched illegally (no warrant), those opposing the measures might be 'escorted' to FEMA camps for detention, all made possible by some of the latest President's executive orders, which bypass Congress and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and due process. It's the 'friendly' face of martial law and just another form of the tyranny our forefathers fought against in the 18th century's Revolutionary War with Britain.

Do your own research to understand why we now have 70+ 'fusion centers' all across the country. Check out the movie Thrive asap - it is a very clear presentation of where we are, how we got here and where some powers that control us don't want us to go (freedom). Read Democrips and Rebloodlicans: no more gangs in government by Jesse Ventura for a look at just how deep the doo doo is in Washington. Must read. If you prefer a good movie instead of a book, check out Video of the Week. I have selected the best and the brightest I could find: Chris Hedges, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Naomi Wolf, KrisAnne Hall and more. Start at the bottom and watch them all over a week or two, or three. You will be impressed, informed and entertained.

So do your homework, search these topics online, check out YouTube - lots of great stuff there. Look for Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, the WTC Building 7 to see why that whole disaster was planned and executed, not by terrorists, but by our own people (okay, our own terrorists). Check out the Disclosure Project and why we have been lied to about aliens, crop circles, free energy and so on. See the movie Thrive, and then watch Endgame (by Alex Jones) on YouTube or buy the DVD. Get busy.

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"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration!
Our streets will be safer, our Federal Police will be more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!"

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
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The supreme law of this land, The Constitution, has not granted power to the federal government to regulate, register or control guns. The Second Amendment specifically states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What part of "shall not be infringed" does the government not understand?

Voting for a political party is like choosing the color of the car that is going to run you over.

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."

George Washington