What Are You Doing?

If you are not preparing for real trouble and hard times, you are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. If you are spending your last calm weeks and months on things that really don't matter, like watching TV soap operas, reading the 'new'spaper (manufactured news) and buying a new sofa or microwave, you might want to rethink your priorities and get busy with saving your arse.

There has been overwhelming evidence that the government is getting ready to take our guns, collapse the economy, manufacture a depression, start a civil war, round up activists and Tea Party members and so on for a long time. If you are aware of even a fraction of this preparation, then your priorities must include making your own preparations. It's going to get really ugly, and it's not going to be five or ten years from now. It looks like months, not years. So get your act together, contribute to the awakening and finalize your plans to bug out to safety.

Notice I said "finalize", not "begin" your plans and preparations. If you are just starting to prepare, you still have time, but not much, so forget non-essential activities like TV and some useless novel. You have a lot of work to complete in a very short time. We're on a sinking ship, so fiddling with the deck chairs isn't really essential activity. Instead look for something that floats and hang on to it, and save others if you can. We're all going to get wet and cold, some will survive and the rest will drown.

You can choose to prepare for this or simply be a 'disaster victim'. I have nothing to gain or lose, no matter what you choose to do. I've made my preparations starting years ago - I have a survival retreat in a remote place and I have supplies for a limited period. It's not a guarantee for survival, but it's better than surrendering to the forces of evil and either becoming a refugee and a slave or becoming dead.

What these preparations are that I'm talking about can be found on this web site under various menu topics. It's not rocket science, it's survival, something every living creature is programmed to do. The problem for us humans is that we have long ago surrendered to others the tasks of providing us with basic necessities. Food and water come from others and often from far away. How difficult would it be for the government to stop the supply of food to grocery stores? To stop the supply of water? The NDAA gives the power to control all resources, including food and water, to the president and FEMA, his tool for domination.

So at the very least, you will need alternative supplies of food, water and other basic necessities. Alternative supplies? How to I do that? Where will I get food if the grocery stores are empty or closed? Where will I get water? Good questions, no? If you don't have these two items taken care of and solid, you will be dead. So that's a good starting point: secure other sources of food and water. When you have them, work on other basics.

If you're in a city, you can store supplies, but they are heavy and take up a lot of space. And, your supplies could be stolen by the government or by looters who didn't prepare. Better would be to locate a safe place outside the city where you can live. But all this is covered under topics at this web site.

Buying 'stuff' is the easy part of prepping, and it's one of the challenges that can be adequately dealt with by throwing money at it. It's the 'other' challenges of prepping that require a higher degree of intellect. Learn how to use that stuff in a realistic situation. Practice with it. If you have a pistol or rifle, handle it until you know it blindfolded or in the dark. Shoot it and become skilled in it use. Handle it with confidence. You may be forced to do just that one day.

Make alliances with other aware and prepared people, friends and family. Connect with people who have skills that compliment yours. If possible, prepare a bugout or survival retreat together, because your chances of survival increase when you have a team.

Keep an eye on what's happening, so you can make your move early, not when everyone else has already panicked and is heading out of town in their vehicles, causing gridlock and another crisis on the highways. Tune in to Alex Jones, the Drudge Report and other alternative media on YouTube and the radio. If you hear about a nuked city in the USA, the release of some biological or chemical weapon or a virus, or another major crisis, get out of town asap, because your town could be next. It also means that the attack on our freedom and on us has been taken to the next level, and it will only get worse. Time to BUG OUT!

Other signs include, but are not limited to, the confiscation of our firearms, the disappearance of known opponents of corrupt government, like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Tea Party leaders. Or if there is another false fag event, like an even bigger massacre of children or people in a mall or school, followed by Congress and Pres drum-beating to ban assault weapons or to confiscate firearms, it might be time to leave. You can always return in a few days or a week or so if things don't fall apart. In fact, a dry run would help you prepare to make the real bugout better.

The only reason someone on a sinking ship would spend his or her last minutes arranging deck chairs is that he or she is in denial about the ship sinking or can't face the reality of it. We have some time, but probably not much. Food and other supplies are still available at increased but affordable prices, but huge price increases and scarcity could be just around the corner. Are you ready for no food in the stores next week? No water in the tap?

Many people involved with disaster preparedness and prepping say that you should have X number of days or weeks or months worth of supplies, and of course they don't all agree. Well, I'll join them in disagreement - I disagree with all of them. Here's why: You have enough food, water, medical supplies and other stuff for, say three months, a figure many such pundits say is 'plenty'. At the end of three months, you don't have food or water. So, then what? Roll over and die? The government and FEMA will save you? They are causing this mess. You think this coming emergency or crisis will only last three months, and then Wal Mart, Trader Joe's and Safeway will all be back in business with shelves bulging with food? Your food stamps will miraculously arrive in the mail? Reality check: Ain't gonna happen.

If you're preparing for less than THREE YEARS on your own, you are delusional and ignorant of plans being implemented right now to destroy this country, all countries. It could be THREE GENERATIONS of chaos and violence. Remember the fall of the Roman Empire*? What came next, the Renaissance and prosperity? Well, not quite. There was a time-out called the Dark Ages** (backwarness, stagnation, tyranny, brutality, murder, suppression, slavery), lasting more than FIVE CENTURIES, before people were able to pull themselves out of collapse. And that was mostly western Europe, you know, that place across the Atlantic a little larger than the USA.

The fall of the American Empire will be a bit bigger and much worse. Why? Well, for one, all economies are now connected - we fall, others fall; two, the technologies available to tyrants are incomparably more invasive and powerful; and three, the 'global elite' who are orchestrating this collapse don't want stability in any country, especially not in the USA. Why? Because most other countries are already defeated, the people are becoming or are slaves, and if America is successful in defeating the global elite's takeover, it will signal to all of humanity that these tyrants can be defeated. People everywhere will renew their efforts to overthrow their dictators. The globalists can't afford to let that happen, so they are throwing everything they have at America right now, to force a collapse and impose martial law. Destruction by design.

Why is America unique? We have the only and longest standing Constitution which guarantees us certain freedoms and restricts the powers of the federal government. More importantly, we have several generations of men and women who remember what that means and what it cost in human lives to create this republic where the power resides in the hands of its people. The government is trying hard to convince us that they are the boss, when actually they are 'public servants' of the governing people, elected to carry out the will of we the people.

For this reason, we the people have a huge responsibility to ourselves and to all generations to follow. We must prevent the loss of our constitutional freedoms and the rise of tyranny. That's why it is imperative for all Americans to focus on the task at hand, and not waste time on useless activities which will not contribute to our success.

Returning to the title of this article, what you are doing reflects your awareness of our situation and what you want to happen. If you are preparing for trouble and hard times and also trying to awaken others to the need of the hour, then you are part of the solution. I salute you. If you're busy buying a new sofa and microwave and talking about soap operas, you are probably unaware of the danger facing all of us right now - you are part of the problem. Many people will not admit that there is any conspiracy to enslave them, even as they are handcuffed, clubbed and kicked and dragged away.

Unfortunately, there may be a civil war, as police and military are called to suppress rebellions over the food crisis or over a virus or other manufactured event. More than a hundred million angry armed citizens will clash with those in uniform - just what the global elite are hoping for. Their strategy, in part, is not to attack their 'enemies', but rather to get enemies to attack and eliminate each other. Also unfortunate is the fact that police, who are often sincere and not heavy-handed, are the most visible, and thus vulnerable, extension of the goverment, so they will be attacked. The globalists, sitting in their palaces, far from the rebellion they have orchestrated, are safe from the wrath of the people, but they cannot escape the law of karma.

This is a test of all of us, all of humanity, and the outcome will be what we collectively will into reality. Turning the other cheek might be okay if someone is slapping you with a feather, but what is coming our way is nothing less than war, possibly World War III, nuclear attacks, millions dead... . So get yourself into the mindset for that, and don't expect others to fight for you. Nobody is coming to save you, you have to save yourself. Get ready.

*Fall of the Roman Empire - "There is ongoing historiographical debate about what actually happened to the Roman Empire in the 4th–5th centuries. Many theories of causality have been explored and most concern the disintegration of political, economic, military, and other social institutions, in tandem with barbarian invasions and usurpers from within the empire." -Wikipedia
Notice the striking parallels to our time?

**Dark Ages was a name given by Francesco Petrarca, an Italian scholar in the 1330s, who was describing late Latin literature in the period after the Roman decline until the Renaissance, commonly called the Middle Ages. The exact period or years of stagnation differ, depending on which expert you consult.


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Voting for a political party is like choosing the color of the car that is going to run you over.

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