Instead of repeating what you already know (like 'the body needs water'), I'll try to expand on that and offer something new. Your salt intake will increase your body's demand for water. "But my sweat taste salty, I'm losing salt so I have to replace it, right?" Bullshit propaganda by salt companies trying to sell you salt tablets and by the ignorant who never studied nutrition or physiology.

The body needs minerals (preferably 'organic', that is, from plants), like Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium, it doesn't need table salt. When Sodium is dissolved in water (like seawater) and in our blood, it has a taste we call salty. We get minerals, like Sodium, from fruits and vegetables, which are rich in them. If our sweat taste salty, it's not because we're losing something essential to health, it's because WE ATE TOO MUCH SALT. When I eliminated table salt from my diet, my sweat tasted like spring water, with no trace of a salty taste. No, I didn't get cramps or suffer brain damage from a lack of Sodium Chloride. Excess salt is a burden the body should not have to deal with, and reducing or eliminating table salt will help your health and reduce your need for water.

"A man can live only three minutes without air, three days without water..." more bullshit. I can hold my breath for five minutes, and I have fasted without water for six days, in summer. People repeat so much nonsense, it's hard to learn the truth. Don't except blindly limits imposed by others.

This category is important, so here are some suggestions:

1. Carry enough water for the period of time you expect not to have it available. I carry 1 gallon.

2. A water filter or purifier, which removes bacteria, will allow you to resupply from streams, lakes even puddles after a rain. I use a Katadyn Combi.

3. Purification tablets or hydrogen peroxide will sterilize water but not remove contaminants

4. A 3 to 5-gallon collapsible polyethylene (PE) jug is light and conpact. I carry a 3-gallon jug

5. Cheap space blankets or tarp can collect rainwater. I carry two folded space blankets

6. A straw lets you drink rainwater collected in rock crevices, leaves. Mine is polyethylene tubing one quarter inch by 18 in.

7. A condom in a scarf holds a gallon of water. I carry two

8. A sponge (compressed) can be dipped into water in cracks, then squeezed out. You can buy compressed sponges from survival suppliers.

9. A coffee filter will remove sand, silt and debris from water before filtering or using purification tablets.

10. 'Water Pouch' is a one-quart folded plastic water bag that stands up when filled. Packs very small, zips closed. Like a flat canteen, will fit in your back pocket.

10. Instead of table salt, dry some celery and powder it. Tomato powder is also nice. Reduce or remove table salt from your diet, and especially from your bugout food. Salt will dehydrate you.


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