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Some of the videos appearing below may have been produced prior to 2016, but I'm putting them here because this is now 2016. If you are looking for videos that appeared here last year, click the archive link above to see the 2015 page.

December 10

What Are You Preparing For?

Emergency Preparedness considers threats to safety. There is a page on this web site called Who is the Enemy (which by now needs updating), but I want to again remind you that there are threats to your safety which you must now take seriously. Ever hear of the Muslim Brotherhood? You need to see these two videos, and then meditate.

Here is a former Muslim, born and raised in the Middle East, making an empassioned appeal to Americans and Europeans to wake up to the danger around them. 14:12

Brigitte Gabriel on the Muslim Brotherhood's Plan to Destroy America 4:23 

I highly recommend Brigitte's book They Must Be Stopped. Unless you study this subject a bit, you will not get it. These two videos are just the tip of the iceberg. We don't understand Islam, and what we think we know has been fed to us by liars and the lamestream media.

You have to get your head around the reality of Islam. Islam is not a religion. Mohammed was not a spiritual leader. A mosque is not like a church. Islam is a political ideology of world domination by force, subjugation and murder. Does that sound 'religious'? Mohammed was a gangster who murdered many people and taught his followers to kill non-believers (you and me), and he was a pedophile with a six-year-old wife. A mosque is where those who are planning their takeover keep their weapons and explosives and discuss their strategies to destroy us.

Do yourself a huge favor and inform yourself about a real threat to your safety: Islam and its followers. I don't mean Muslims - most of them are not strict followers of Islam as written in the Quran and intend no harm. There is no such thing as 'radical Islam' or 'radical Muslim'. There is Islam, period. Islam calls for the death or subjugation (enslavement) of non-believers (36 times in the Quran), period. Muslims who follow strict Islam we call 'radical', but they are simply practicing Muslims, period. Non-practicing Muslims we call 'moderate', but they are like Christians who don't read or follow much of the Bible. Check out Brigitte Gabriel's other videos on YouTube.

December 8

If the Internet Stops, What Replaces It?

Comms (Communications) for Preppers - This is not theory, because the threat to our communications via the Internet is real. These three videos are Part 1,2 and 3 of a seminar from 2014, the speaker is Tim Glance, and the content is excellent. Take notes.

Part 1 

Part 2


Part 3


October 2

"If A SWAT Team Breaks In, Execute Them"

Nevada's Constitution Party candidate for Governor speaks bluntly about how Americans should prepare and act in this police state. David Lory VanDerBeek tells it as he sees it, and although this video is from 2013, it is just as applicable today. 23 minutes. Watch it. 

October 1

The War for Western Civilization

Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson - 53 minutes

Excellent analysis of current events and our duty to save what's left of the freedoms we inherited from people who died for them. Here are two of today's best minds commenting on where we are and where we are being driven by politicians, media and the corporations and globalists who control them, in Europe and the USA. I think you will like this. 

August 13

UN Admits: Migrants to Overthrow West

Alex Jones calmly lays out the problem we face, and it has a name: Goldman Sachs. To be fair, there are other major players in the agenda to bring down western civilization, like the IMF and major banks. The invasion of migrants from countries predominantly Muslim is designed to destroy Europe; we are next. Fasten your seat belt, and if you have not taken this web site seriously before now, you still have time to get ready, but probably not much. 

August 7

What You Need to Know About Islam

Brigitte Gabriel gives a spirited brief history of Islam. I know, I already posted several videos about Islam, but you are going to be pleased with this one. Why the emphasis on Islam? Because Islam could be the reason you and I have to bug out. Islam is a real threat to the entire non-Muslim world, so consider learning a bit about the enemy. 15 minutes 

June 4

The Internet, Free Speech About to Disappear

Just when you thought it can't get crazier... the EU Commission declares that you will need a government-issued ID to use the Internet. Yeah, right. Don't think it can happen here? You'd better watch this short video. Love Alex Jones or hate him matters not at all - this is information you need to prepare. 

June 3

Greenspan: Riots, Martial Law
Coming Here Soon

Venezuela is exploding: Riots, Martial Law, and Greenspan says the same is coming here next. His reasons for this would be humorous if they were not tragic. Are you ready for this kind of chaos? 

May 27

Wafa Sultan - A Voice You Must Hear on Islam

Another video about Islam? Why? I'll tell you: You want to survive? Then you must understand the greatest threat to civilization today comes from those who are not civilized. No, I don't mean Muslims in general, I mean radicals who follow the pure teachings of the Koran. What's the difference between radical Muslims and others, between 'pure' Islam and that practiced by those who never actually read the Koran? Let Wafa Sultan, a doctor and articulate speaker, answer that for you better than anyone I have heard. If you only watch one video on Islam, let it be this one. Trust me, this is a 'must see'. 29 minutes 

May 25

Son of Hamas Leader Renounces Islam, Allah
Converts to...

 I've been telling you that Islam is not a religion, but rather a political ideology about global domination and subjugation, intolerance, torture and worse. Now you can hear it from not just a former Muslim but the son of a Hamas leader. If you want the truth about Islam, please watch this - 11 minutes and well worth it. Share this with others. 

May 25

Reality Check - Hard-hitting, No BS
And the Biggest Terrorist is... the USA

Kenneth O'Keefe talks on PressTV, and you will wish the people in DC could talk like this about themselves (okay, maybe not). If you prefer truth to baloney and lies, you might like this short rant on the real reasons the US makes war, like always and endlessly. Short: 6.5 minutes. 

May 18

AmeriGeddon - The Movie You Want to See

Gary Heavin, writer, producer, talks about his new movie. We've all seen the popular post-apocalypse films, like Red Dawn, Book of Eli, Mad Max, 2012 and so many more, and we've contemplated what life might be like, as portrayed in those stories. AmeriGeddon is probably the closest to what is actually coming, and I get the feeling it will be an important film for all preppers and patriots. Check out this interview of its writer and producer, and you will want to see the movie, soon. The movie opened in some theaters a few days ago, the 13th.

Update: I just spoke to two people who saw Amerigeddon and did not find it as good as they had hoped. As I have not yet seen it, I cannot comment on the movie, but I think it's possible that the target audience may not be the roughly 3% of the population who are prepping for hard times and worse, but rather the other 97% who are unaware of the threats to their lives. I'll update this again after I see the movie. Banned in California, really? That's good news.

May 17

If You Don't Want to be: 1. Forced Into Islam
or 2. Beheaded), Watch This

Islam is coming to a town near you, perhaps your town. If you care, and if you don't want your children forced into Islam, and their children, this video will inform you of what is already happening in other countries, particularly Sweden and England. Yes, Islam is coming to town, YOUR town, thanks to Obama and his criminal government. For more background on this topic, scroll down to the video about Brigitte Gabriel (Jan. 7), and I highly recommend her books, particularly They Must Be Stopped. Islam is not what you thought, nor is the Koran nor are Muslims who want to follow Mohammed's commandments. If you value information on prepping and emergency preparedness, you need to know the threats from within and without. This is real. Paul Weston at CPAC March 3, 2016. You need to see this, now.

April 1

How WW3 Will Start - Joel Skousen

Joel Skousen reveals his predictions for the near future, in an interview with Alex Jones. There are two ads in this video, but you can drag the progress indicator at the bottom past them. I am not a fan of Alex, but he often has guests on with far better information that his. In this interview via Skype, Joel Skousen gives us insight into how the globalists work, something which other experts, like Max Keiser, Peter Schiff and many others do not have. They know economics and politics well, but they don't know conspiracy like Skousen, and we have to know the logic behind what is happening. If you are concerned about your future and are trying to gather usable information to make critical decisions, Joel Skousen is a source I recommend. Pay particular attention when Joel says "You have to remember...", because he is a gentleman and never says "No, you're wrong". He will instead say "remember", and then give his view.

March 1

Joel Skousen's 2015 Year-End Analysis

There are many political and conspiracy analysts 'out there' with reliable information, but out of all of them, my personal choice is Joel Skousen. He has had his finger on the pulse of world affairs for decades, in fact decades longer than most others. If you are concerned about the future and the games being played on a global scale, you will benefit from hearing what this man says, In fact, search his name on YouTube and check out other talks by him. His web site is 

February 13

Obama is CEO of The United States Corporation, NOT the US of A, and Why You Need to See This

After you see this video, you will be changed, you will think differently about what you believe the problems are... Is it government corruption? Globalists controlling politicians? ISIS, Communists or Satanists? Chemtrails and Monsanto killing us? All of the above?

Please watch this video, all 100 minutes. Some of us have known about this for years, most have no clue, none. The title I made up is only a fraction of the 'news' you may not have heard - there is much more. If this is new to you, when the video ends, you will be changed, you will look at this country and our government in a way you never imagined possible. There is only one problem with this video: it's about the truth. If that sounds too radical for you, don't watch. 

January 11

More Than You Want to Know About Chemtrails
and Why You Need to See This

You may think you know all about chemtrails. Watch this anyway, you might be surprised. Here's a quote from the man you will hear in this video: “If the government told the people of the nature of the experiments, I believe the citizens would physically attack the government employees and scientists involved.” ~ AC Griffith Nuff said! 

January 7

What's Really Going on in Oregon

KrisAnne Hall at her dynamic best. The Oregon conflict is just another sign of the disease of our times: Federal government criminality and power grabbing. Last year, I posted videos of KrisAnne here about the history of our Constitution (see link above for 2015) and how the fedgov has been acting OUTside of it for years. She makes a point here that everyone MUST UNDERSTAND: The Constitution defines the authority of the federal government, so if the fedgov IGNORES the Constitution, what is the limit on federal authority? Answer: NONE. It's called a totalitarian oligarchy. 

January 7

What You Must Know to Survive This Year

The YouTube title is actually Midnight Ride - When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law but when you watch this, you may agree that it needs a broader title. Everything you need to know to make sense of the current insanity. 

January 7

What You Must Know About Islam

Brigitte Gabriel grew up in Lebanon, which was then mostly Christian - not anymore. It was taken over by Muslims. Hmmm, sound familiar? You had better see this and understand what the Muslims coming here and settling in many western countries are actually going to do here, especially those who follow the Koran religiously, the 'purists'. Pure Islam is hell on earth, and you'd better find out why asap.

Update: I just finished her book They Must Be Stopped, and what an eye-opener. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand Islam and what is going on with its followers worldwide, especially in Europe and the USA where they are taking over gradually.


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