Personal / Hygiene

I've combined two categories which overlap. Personal items include items for personal hygiene, so here are all these things in one group. I mean, a toothbrush is also a Tool, nail-clippers too, but I prefer these tings here.

1. Glasses, prescription, case

2. Toothbrush

3. Liquid soap - I like Dr. Bronners Almond Castile

4. Shampoo - or I just use Dr. Bronners

5. Wash cloth

6. Baby wipes - fast way to clean up without water

7. Watch - you might need the time, alarm, date

8. Paper towels - some tough, fabric-like blue ones can be washed out and reused many times

9. Q-tips

10. Ear plugs - for firearm use / ear protection

11. Money - coins may be all that some places will accept. Have a lot of quarters handy.

12. Wallet, credit cards, ID, concealed carry permit, etc.

13. Nail clippers - scissors work, but clippers work better

14. Comb, brush - ever not comb or brush your hair for a week? Avoid another crisis, carry a comb.

15. Insect repellant - I like lemon oil. Deet is poisonous!

16. Dark glasses, polarized - polarized lenses block light reflecting off water and metal.

17. Medications or other personal health gear: brace, hernia belt, foot/shoe stuff, like liners and pads


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