Nuclear war? Internet scam

Disclaimer: This is not a rant (I'm not Alex Jones), this is a reminder. By the way, I think Alex Jones is doing a great job waking people up to what is going on. Somebody has to rant and shout and call people out for being complacent. He does that well. So if I start to rant, just remember that I may have picked it up someplace. I want to remind you of some things you may not know, yet. Like the end of our free Internet and society as we know it, and nuclear war.

FCC moves to take away our free Internet.

Well, what did you expect? Did you think they were going to let us have the tools to end their domination of us forever? The Internet allows the free exchange of vast amounts of information, including news of what's going on in the whole world (the free world), radio broadcasts, video and more. So of course they have to stop that from happening. I mean, we're using the Web to inform people of the great evil in the world and how that evil empire is systematically enslaving all of us. Can that evil empire - the globalists - really afford to let us continue this? No way.

So they will create a Web that they control completely and force the existing Web to be phased out or just sabotage it, to force everyone to connect through their Big Brother, I'm-watching-everything-you-do Web. It will be taxed, regulated, surveiled, and if they don't like your content, you're out. In fact, if you're known to be radical, good luck even getting in. Folks like Alex Jones, Drudge, and the alternative news channels will disappear from the Web.

If your income depends on the Web - whose doesn't? - have a Plan B and get yourself ready for the day when you don't have access anymore.

Are you storing food for an emergency?

If not, you may not realize how serious our situation is, and how much worse it will get. This isn't rocket science, folks. We are up to our eyeballs in debt so outrageous that we will never, ever get out of it. What does that mean? It means we are heading into a depression. From here, it does not go up, it only goes down. It is a manufactured depression, just like the last one. An opportunity for those with huge bank accounts - heck huge banks period - to buy up failed businesses for pennies on the dollar, again. These greedy bastards just don't know when enough is enough, they want it all.

In order to control people, they have to take away their sources of basic necessities, so they will ruin farms, destroy fisheries - anything that supplies us with food must be either destroyed or controlled. So we have to depend on Big Brother for food and other things, making us slaves.

If you don't have a large and secure stash of basic things, you will be without them. If you are without basics, you either surrender to Big Brother who will feed you if you become a slave, or you will steal from others. So do whatever you can to avoid either of these options. You can still buy bulk foods, like rice, beans, wheat, oats, honey, raisins, molasses and so on. Okay, it may not be the diet you prefer, but you will survive on it. Also, you can use some of your stash to barter for things you don't have.

Where do I put all this food? See the page on Bury Extra Gear, it talks about food, too. The bastards in power will try to make preppers look like freaks, hoarders and possible terrorists, and declare that we can't have more than a week's supply of food (but they have tonnes stashed). They have the law (immoral, but still law) on their side, and they can confiscate food and other things 'in an emergency' which they can declare when people are without basics, or anytime they want. Don't keep lots of food in your house or basement where it can be found and confiscated. If it's there, they will find it and take it. Then you are as helpless as all the others who didn't prepare. That's stupid. Get that food out of there.

Are we heading into a nuclear war?

If you search YouTube for Joel Skousen and hear his take on where we are headed, you might conclude that he believes the evil powers-that-be are orchestrating another war, this time including nuclear bombs. Now, Joel Skousen is only a man, not a prophet or a psychic with the power to fortell the future. However, I think it would be irrational to dismiss his thorough research and investigation as unimportant or unrealistic. I don't believe him, but I don't disbelieve him either. I think he has a better grasp of what is going on in the world than most of us, and if after all that effort, he concludes that we are probably heading into a nuclear war, possibly involving China, I think we should hear what he has to say. Alex Jones has had him on his show and you can find these interviews on YouTube under his name and 'strategic relocation'.

In a nutshell, Joel Skousen sees a continued decline in our economy, not a bust or collapse, but rather a controlled decline and an intentional weakening of the country. In this weakened state, China invades and bombs us with nuclear warheads. This war gives the corrupt gov and cronies an excuse to walk away from the debt, which is unpayable. "We were at war. What could we do?" So they cover their asses. Why do you suppose we have moved most of our manufacturing to China? To weaken the USA and to make China powerful.

Skousen cites this as the reason for so many top level military and ex-CIA and such making UNDERGROUND bunkers. If it was just an economic collapse, they would build retreats in the woods, but they are going deep underground. He sees that as a sign that they know it's nuclear. So if they are expecting a nuclear war, what does that mean for us? Think about this as you make your preparations. What, exactly, are you preparing for? Scarce food and other basics? Probably. Nuclear bombs? Hmmm, perhaps that wasn't in your planning. But perhaps it should be.

I made an abrupt change in my survival retreat (see maybe two years ago. Briefly, I was building a concrete hexagon cottage above ground and began excavating an area below it for a veggie garden. I got so into the excavation, I began to wonder what I was doing? After all, I need a house first, and I'm spending so much time digging this huge hole for a garden. Well, what I realized is that my sunken garden beds were actually not going to be a garden at all but my new house. So I excavated down to seven feet into solid granite by hand and have been building my new underground concrete house in that hole. (pics at that site in Photo Gallery 3). I see that as cosmic guidance. I'm building underground because it's cooler there in summer and warmer in winter, but it's also better to be underground when a nuclear bomb falls. Coincidence?

I'm not giving advice on where to build or how - that's the expertise of Joel Skousen - but I do feel that building underground has many benefits, in addition to being safer in a nuclear war. Heating and cooling requirements are a fraction of an above-ground house. It's quiet down there. I would recommend at least doing some research into underground shelters, before you decide what you want. At the very least, make a big, secure basement with a safe room.


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